Calling all Account Managers. Join our team!

Photo by TommL/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by TommL/iStock / Getty Images

Your title: Account Manager

Your boss: Managing Director

Your pay: Approx. We’ll decide when we find the right person



Welcome to Seymour PR: a boutique agency offering a leading news generation service. We’ve been punching above our weight for some time and with new clients coming on board, we need an account manager to come along for the ride.

We’re looking for someone to focus mainly on the consumer brands in our portfolio, but with a growing B2B business, interest or experience in more corporate PR would be great too.

Where the role could go? That's up to you. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in everything: delivering on existing accounts, helping win new ones, and everything in-between.


The Seymour PR team all work around busy personal lives. Flexibility is something we are proud to offer the right people in return for results, passion and commitment to the job!


More than anything, everyone at Seymour PR cares about getting coverage for our clients -  it's what we love doing and we are really, really good at it. So come ready to create, write and pitch the stories that will make news.


If you think you might be up for it, give us a shout!


Your job

Let’s face it, what we do is not rocket science. But, only a few do it well. You’ll need to be one of the few. Here’s what you’ll be up to:


·       Immerse yourself in our clients’ businesses

·       Care as much as they do about getting the right results – we’re an extension of their teams

·       Create strategies that connect your client’s objectives with the news agenda

·       Do whatever you need to do to get the stories ready: information gathering, writing, creating visuals, preparing spokespeople etc

·       Check everything at least three times and then ask someone else in the team to do the same

·       Really sell those stories…even to the scariest journalists

·       Constantly look for new contacts

·       Stay within budget and get it done on time

·       If you make a mistake, own up – we’ll know you're human that way!

·       Shape the role yourself and help us grow our business


Your education

This is not important, mostly because it’s the year 2017 and a whole lot more matters than where you went to school or how you got on in your exams.


What we do care about is a demonstration of hard work, passion and ambition.



This does matter. It’s important that you:

1.       have a few years under your belt

2.       get on with just about anyone

3.       are prepared to get your hands dirty –  there are no egos here! 

4.       understand what makes the news

5.       write brilliantly

6.       get excited about coverage, whether it's in the Bath Chronicle, Facilities Management Journal or on the front page of The Daily Telegraph 

7.       love a sell-in

8.       want to do new things


If you think you're the one we're looking for, tell us why! Email