Our philosophy

The media landscape is continually changing, and we need to be agile in order to consistently deliver results for our clients. At Seymour PR, we believe cut-through in any media sector, whether B2B, consumer or news, depends on four essential principles. This is our philosophy, and it underpins everything we do.


How we work



Working collaboratively with journalists is our number one priority. It not only keeps us on their speed dial, but allows us to gauge appetite for a brand’s story in advance. To ensure we’re completely plugged in to what the media needs, we regularly meet with key media players and make sure we always have a story that’s relevant to them.



When we hear people talking about our stories on the bus or see viral sharing on social channels, we know we’ve reached our audience. We understand how to translate your business priorities into stories Joe Public will talk about both off and online. 


Keeping IT REAL

Whether we’re the targeting fashion pages of women’s magazines or the business pages of the Sunday Times, everything we present to press has to be newsworthy and appeal to their readers in a meaningful way.


Every tactic comes back to our ethos of helping you deliver your business objectives, which is why we spend time at the start thinking through a water-tight strategy.


Why work with us


We know Joe
We translate your business priorities into stories Joe Public will read.


We’re news hounds
It’s about sniffing out stories for our clients, not waiting to be spoon fed.


We’re the whole package
Our extensive network of experts is on hand to provide third party comment.


We’re media championsMaking life easier for our media contacts keeps us on their speed dial.


No PR padding – We write one type of report… a coverage report.

No badgering of press – It’s not the number of calls you make; it’s strong relationships and brilliant stories that get


No flogging of dead horses – We let you know if we think a story won’t work. We’ll also suggest how to make it work.


No PR for PR’s sake – Your business priorities are behind our stories.

Seymour PR always delivers what I need, to brief, on time. The team understand consumer lead times and always consider what editorial teams are likely to be working on before pitching anything in. Seymour PR is an efficient agency who I know I can trust.
— Charlotte Kewley, Stylist & Fashion Editor