Client – Bupa Health Clinics

As part of our brief to make Bupa Health Clinics famous, we were challenged to raise the profile of the female health assessment.

The mini campaign combined influencer and social led activity with a traditional media relations approach, positioning Bupa Health Clinics as female health experts.

In short, our research found that women find the subject of female health confusing largely due to an overload of available information. So, we revealed the most common female health myths and Bupa’s experts busted them!



at a glance

  • A 100% uplift in YoY sales of Female Health assessments during October 2018.

  • 15 pieces of coverage in total.

  • A digital readership of 79 million.

  • Coverage circulation of 3.4 million.

  • Estimated number of views of 163,000.


Client – Sainsbury's

As part of our ongoing work on the Sainsbury's 'Waste less, Save more' campaign, we launched the supermarket's largest ever report into household food waste in the UK.

A rigorous media relations plan ensured that the influences contributing to Britain's food waste cycle, as uncovered by the research, were talked about in all corners of the press. 


at a glance

  • 83 pieces of coverage in total.

  • 18 pieces of these in national publications.

  • Interview on Sky News Sunrises with CEO Mike Coupe.

  • 47 radio interviews.

  • A total circulation of 633,671,321


Client – Sainsbury's

Seymour PR's brief from Sainsbury's is to create conversational stories to promote its 'Waste less, Save more' campaign.

As well as making great water-cooler chatter, the stories need to be educational, with a news hook big enough to grab the attention of the national news desks on an important issue. 

Seymour PR's first story on the brief revealed the do's and don'ts of fruit and veg storage. I.e. which fruit and veg should be kept away from each other in order to extend shelf line - and ultimately reduce food waste.

The Seymour PR team learned that gases produced by some fruit and veg during ripening can make their neighbours in the fruit bowl or veggie drawer go off quicker - so we told people about it!


at a glance

  • Seven pieces of coverage achieved in national publications.

  • Discussed on Chris Evans Radio 2 breakfast show, including significant brand mentions.

  • Half a page in the Daily Mail.

  • Total circulation of over 14,000,000.


Client – Fitness First

Seymour PR was challenged to create meaningful media cut-through at a time when the press is always saturated with health messaging - the New Year. To avoid an overtly commercial approach and to place Fitness First at the centre of the conversation around innovation, we suggested a report into what our workouts would look like 30 years from now.

The Future of Fitness report aimed to excite debate, while positioning our client as an expert in motivation, and educating the public on current technological advances that could help them achieve their health and fitness goals.


at a glance

  • 11 pieces of coverage achieved during a key time for the business.

  • A five minute interview on Sky News including significant brand and product mentions.

  • A full page in the London Evening Standard.

  • Total circulation of over five million.