What we do

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to PR. This is why we offer a completely bespoke approach to each and every business that works with us, based on the following core services:


1. News Consultancy

We’ve worked with brands that have become known as some of the best in the business at putting their names in the news, for the right reasons. Debenhams, John Lewis and Travelodge are a few such brands. 

That's why we're the people to talk to if you want to turn your brand news into national headlines. Our job is to sniff out the stories you might not have considered as having national appeal and get your brand recognised on a national and international platform. 

Seymour PR is one of the few agencies that take the time to understand individual publications. They’re great at creating relevant stories no matter the client. I very rarely have to turn down a story idea!
— Matthew Davis, Reporter, Manchester Evening News

2. Media Relations 


The key to a good PR foundation is remaining front of mind with consistent and regular messaging across the media landscape. At Seymour PR we know that the only way to achieve this is by relentlessly putting new ideas, products or angles in front of the press, every day. 


Whether furniture or fashion, for clients with tangible products, we deliver placement on product pages from regional glossy magazines to national supplements.


Often our clients need to outsource all the reactive as well as proactive media relations. Our experience of working within corporate press departments, positions us well to effectively run the day to day press office for numerous clients.


The blog community is not only growing in size, but also influence. At Seymour PR, we offer active blogger relations tailored to each client, which could include product review programmes, partnerships, guest blogging and bespoke events.

Discover how we helped Muna's featured products sell out online in two days      View the case study 

Discover how we helped Muna's featured products sell out online in two days

View the case study 


3. Launches


Whether you're a startup looking to use PR to launch your business to the market, or a global brand with a project that needs special attention, we also offer short-term contracts for project work.  

This service works on a results-based payment model that means if we don't deliver on pre-agreed coverage minimums, we return a large portion of your cash. While we've never had to do this in all our years of trading, it gives you the guarantee that you will get something for your money. 


While so much communication is now done virtually, we still believe there is value to a good old face-to-face every now and then! 

Whether the purpose is to launch a product, drive footfall or purely to network, events allow media time to really engage with your brand, meet the people behind it and interact with your product. Here's a taste of some of the events we can deliver to drive media coverage. 

  • Seasonal product presentations
  • Product or brand launches
  • Media entertainment 
  • Reader events (link to case study below) 


Having worked with brands such as John Lewis, Debenhams and Travelodge we've done more new store, gym and hotel openings than you can shake a stick at! 

Our service includes a PR programme that engages local and national press (where relevant) to help build anticipation in advance of opening, create theatre and excitement on launch day, and help staff to maintain momentum into the first three months of opening.

Discover how we helped to launch the £25million redevelopment of Debenhams' flagship store on Oxford Street      View the case study 

Discover how we helped to launch the £25million redevelopment of Debenhams' flagship store on Oxford Street

View the case study 

4. Social media content planning 

Because news generation is all about creating conversation, the ideas always translate well into social content that will get people talking and sharing online – as well as down the pub. 

Seymour PR can create social media content plans that run alongside news generation work for mainstream media, or develop standalone content plans to cover off all your social needs including blog content. 

The Seymour PR team are friendly, professional and organised PRs. Their passion for their brands shines through and they’re a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and their work.
— Stephanie Oakes, hellobabyblog.com – Ranked in Tots 100 list