14 reasons why your work friends are your best friends

At some point during your work life you’re likely to come across someone who becomes more than just a colleague.

If you’re really lucky they’ll become one of your BFFs and be in your life forever more.

It’s a pretty cool thing to have your mate by your side for the best part of eight hours a day – and, even better, you both get paid for it!

So, what makes work friends your best friends?

1. You spend more time with them than anyone else

You spend around 40 hours (if not more) a week with your work buddy … you talk everyday and probably have more conversations with them than you do with your partner or any of your other friends.

2. Work ‘bantz’

The banter is what gets you up in the morning!

3. Diet talk

You help each other ‘be good’ but you also help each spectacularly fall off the wagon – Yorkie anyone?

4. You share each others' inner-most secrets

Those after work drinks that turn into a night of secret sharing – they know everything!

You were the first person they told when they got engaged and they knew before anyone else that you were pregnant.

5. Relationship counsellor

Going through a break up and facing work can be torment for many but having that someone there to cry with at break time makes the friendship one of the strongest you have.

6. They see you at your most stressed and still like you

Under pressure to meet a deadline can turn even the nicest people into a ‘work-zilla’ but, despite all that, your work wife will still want to be your friend afterwards.

 7. You know each others' habits – good and bad

Never drinks coffee after lunch, only writes with a blue pen, cleans the phone with an anti bacteria wipe every morning and always has a sausage roll if they’re hungover – you know each others' every move.

8. No judgement

They don’t judge you for moaning about work, they get it and, more often than not, join in.

 9. They entertain you every day

You look forward to going to work to hear their latest life story – tinder matches, embarrassing gym stories, latest shopping dilemma, drunken antics – they always entertain you.

10. They know how you take your coffee

They don’t even have to ask.

 11. There are no boundaries to your chats

They know everything from what your partner does in bed to your standpoint on pooing at work.

12. They know what you’re thinking

With one glance in an important meeting you know, that they know, what you’re thinking – and they’re usually thinking the same!

13. You have a daily WhatsApp chat

From the minute your working day ends you switch the chat to WhatsApp. By the time you’re on the train home you’ve got something to share.

14. They make work a pleasure

They make work fun and because of them you love your job.